Irwin Schinkel, early in his career, participated in a course that sparked an enduring interest in training and its powerful influence. He saw participants grow in terms of their personality, confidence and enthusiasm. Subsequently, although holding management positions in marketing and human resources, with two divisions of the world’s largest automaker, his extra-curricular activities were often devoted to developing others. These ranged from sales training in Trinidad and the Barbados to management training for a variety of businesses and industries to an extension course in organizational development for The University of Western Ontario. Finally, his passion led him to leave the corporate world and establish Unique Training & Development. After a decade, Greg Schinkel acquired the company and Irwin now devotes his time to writing and world travel. He and his wife Jan live in Ontario, Canada and Florida, USA.

Greg Schinkel discovered that when you are passionate about what you do, it no longer feels like work. He now shares that secret with leaders in hundreds of organizations. Having reached more than 500,000 people through his writing, speaking, training, television and radio appearances, Greg is widely recognized for his expertise in leadership and transferring those skills and insights to others. Since graduating from the prestigious Richard Ivey School of Business, Greg has served as Chapter President of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and the Canadian Association of Family Enterprise. Greg also co-authored Awakening the Workplace, Employees Not Doing What you Expect and What Great Supervisors Know. Greg and his team at Unique Training & Development Inc. specialize in training managers, supervisors and lead hands on generating best-ever results through engaging and motivating their employees.